Apart from all of the information in their own site I can not locate any other evidence that the coin actually exists. Within their whitepaper they really do provide us advice about the technology spec of this coin that I have posted under but I have not discovered a GitHub connection or anything strong yet to demonstrate that they’ve work done today.

Since you’ll have noticed in my video review it seems like they’ve already assembled an internal market that does look acceptable. We can not really use it before the stage goes live following the ICO but it’s more than many those financing platforms reveal us. An inner exchange is okay but in fact the only way that a coin can definitely explode in growth that is what we look for in high risk applications similar to this is when they get in an outside crytpocurrency market and again they can not actually apply for this till after the ICO and they formally launch.

99 percent of those lending programs that we see everywhere today are scams so why could ucoincash be any different is that the large question. They’ve put alot of thought and work into their site but does this produce ucoincash legit? My honest answer is that I do not know yet and unfortunately we wont know until it’s too late and they’ve either launched and the cost has skyrocketed or they’ve run off with everybody’s money.

The simple fact that they cover 9 amounts in affiliate program is both a positive and negative component, great since it’ll be picked up by entrepreneurs who will genuinely help push it and make hype but bad since it may not be sustainable. I’m on the fence for this one and that I shall put something to it but the term I’d use for this is I will bet something on this particular ICO instead of state I shall invest in it.

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